Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Value of a Meeting

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Recently the Convention Industry Council released a study called The Economic Significance of Meetings on the U.S. Economy.  It gave some amazing figures 

1.8 Million corporate and business meetings, trade shows, conventions, congresses, 
incentive events and other meetings take place in the U.S., resulting in:  
$263 Billion in spending
1.7 M US Jobs
$106B contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
$14.3B federal tax revenue
$11.3B state and local tax revenue  
$60B in U.S. labor income 

Astounding isn't it?  If you want to see the full report go to www.meetingsmeanbusiness.com

All those figures are wonderful news to meeting planners because it says that meetings have a value and contribute to the economic wellbeing of this nation. But the value of a meeting for most is not about the money spent.  While hosting meetings is important, the most important value to attendee is what goes on at meeting/conference. The programming, exhibitors, and speakers that are what is of value to an attendee.  It is what makes them want to come.

But not always -- Seth Godin in a recent blog talked about why he attends conferences which is the conversations that happen outside the planned sessions or events and I couldn't agree more with his statement.  I will not forget the MPI World Education Conference I attended several years ago.  I got to meet some of the biggest guru in the meetings biz including Corbin Ball and Joan Eisenstodt outside of their sessions.   I learned from the exhibitors that I met because I got to ask questions about their products that ads or articles in magazines don't always address. 

The value of a meeting is the face to face interaction.  This is why face to face meetings will never go away.  You can start relationships anywhere.  But relationships get cemented by face to face encounters.    Business is what happens after relationships are formed.

 My Planners Pointers for today is when working on the elements of your next meeting allow for lots of one to one interaction.  Create spaces where people can go to meet and mingle.  Everyone will thank you for that.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Email Hang Up -- When Sent Mail Doesn't Arrive

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Did you ever wonder how many emails are sent in a day?  According to the Radicati Group, an organization that provides research to the IT community, in 2010 around 294 billion emails per day.  WOW! That's a lot of people trying to communicate!  No wonder that if people miss one or two of your emails, they don't even know it.

A couple of weeks ago I was having email problems.  Yes we all get those and we all hate it when that happens.  I would write a message using MS Outlook, click send but no one would get it.  I wasn't getting any responses so I started calling people that's how I discovered it. When I really wanted to get a message out, I would have to use the email client provided by my ISP or Google. 

A couple of people wondered why I wasn't willing to give up using MS Outlook for other clients like the one provided by my ISP.  I like the way Outlook works and I like only having to use one set of contacts.  No matter how many emails addresses I have they all show up in Outlook.  I don't have to bounce around on websites to get my email.

It took several long calls to my ISP including talking with their security department to find out the problem.  Guess what it was?  My email signature was being read by the servers as spam so the email was being blocked by the servers. Spam?? I don't even forward joke emails! No one seemed to know.  Thanks to my ISP's customer service department, I was able to rearrange my signature and the mail is going through. But my question still remains on why one day email worked and the next day it didn't.  No one could answer that.  Makes it sound like could happen again.

Something else I learned about all the email sent -- It's shouldn't come as surprise, but did you know that 90% of all email is spam or viruses?  

Planner's Pointers is written  Mary Pam Kilgore, of Kilgore Business Services, LLC  You may reach me through my website www.kilgorebusiness.com  You can find my blog at http://plannerspointers.blogspot.com/  You can reach me by phone at 412-260-4178.  @ marypam onTwitter.