Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting the Most Out of Participating in Vendor Shows Part 1 Choosing the Show.

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Things to consider when planning to do a trade or vendor show

It's the beginning of a new year and bridal shows and charity vendor shows will soon be in full swing.  If you offer a service or sell a product you are no doubt being mailed and emailed information about upcoming shows.  Trade shows are tempting marketing opportunities because they offer everyone a chance to reach hundreds and potentially thousands of people over a rather short period of time. Before you send your check and sign the contract here are a few tips to consider when choosing the correct show for you. 

1. Is doing a vendor show the best way to reach your target market?  The best way to find out the answer to that question is to ask the show promoter what the demographics are for their show and use this information to determine if it applies to your business.
2. How much does the show cost?  And the follow up question is -- How much will you have to sell to recoup your costs of this show.  If you believe that you can't recoup those costs in the first couple of hours of the show, then you might want to reconsider if this is the best use of your marketing funds. 

3. What do you get with the show package?  Do you get an ad or just a listing in the show program.  If you pay a little more, will you get a better spot on the show floor?  Can you share a booth?  Some show promoters allow you to share a booth if you are selling the same product, several Mary Kay reps sharing a booth at a wedding show for example.
4. What other vendors will be there? Ask the show promoter what other vendors are attending. Are these other vendors compatible with what you sell or are they your direct competitors? Is the show promoter limiting in any way the number of vendors selling similar items?  Do you have a good relationship with any of the other vendors attending the show?  At a wedding show for example it would be helpful for a florist to have a good relationship with a limousine company. 

5. Does the show location also serve your target market? If most of your target is south of the city, then a show north of the city not give you the best results.

These are but a few considerations in choosing a vendor show.

Next week:  Pre show Marketing

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