Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wedding Internet Site of the Month is a great site to get ideas for your wedding. Yes I know there are a lot of wedding sites out there some better than others -- this is one of them. With ideas from favors you can purchase and games for your bridal shower -- including some that you can download for free -- this site has a lot to offer. I have to admit that any website that says Cheap Bridal Shower Favor Gifts makes me curious. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going Green in the home office

Going Green! That is the ralling cry in this day and age. We all want to save the planet Here are some ideas to help you save not only the planet, but your wallet as well.

1. Not printing email. Not my own idea for sure since I have seen the tag line at the bottom of emails about not printing for a couple of years now. But we still need to keep emails for many reasons, so here is my suggestion. If you use Outlook as your mail program, learn to use folders to save your emails. It's not hardand goes a long way to organizing your email. Like any habit you wish to develop, it takes time to be gentle on yourself.

2. Unless the letter has a lot of importance, print in draft mode. Along those same lines try and print on both sides of the paper. If you are printing for your own use don't print in color. And try not to print pages from websites.

3. When writing a letter or doing a paper use wider margins. It might save some paper along the way. One inch margins work well.

4. When using Excel, go to Page Set up and then go to tab mark "Sheet" and click on "Print Gridlines" that way you don't have to format your sheet using borders as an every day thing.

5. My favorite tip is use Print Preview before your print. Just doing this extra step before you print can save so much paper and ink. See an orphan line at the top of the second page -- simply adjust your side and bottom margins. This also works in Excel and you can adjust the output by going to "Scaling" in Page Set up and adjust the output by percentages. This really works when you have just one more column to print.

That's the Planner's Pointer for today.